Personal issues; sex, relationships, natal care all require a great deal of sensitivity. Often our self-esteem – even if it’s robust - can get bent out of shape quite quickly if we are affected in one of these areas. Relationships, sex and children are something that we tend to take for granted until something isn’t right.

Often we can endure quite protracted difficulty before we seek help, so its incredible important to know that this will be treated sensitively and effectively.

As both a hypnotherapist and psychotherapist I bring a breadth of understanding to working with these areas when there is a problem. The hypnotherapist side very much focused on problem solving and the psychotherapist part on holding you – the client – in a way that means you can approach the difficulty and feel safe.

Just some of the relationship related issues Hypnotherapy can help with are listed below:

*Please note that the time needed to work on a problem can vary significantly from person to person, these examples are provided to give you an idea of the efficacy of Hypnotherapy, but are not intended as an indication of what you might expect personally.

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