If we had all grown up in a positive environment with a nice balance between trust and risk, a big dollop of unconditional love and lots and lots of encouragement from a grown-up I should think most therapists would be out of a job! 

The reality is that many of us didn’t have that experience. You may have had a largely supportive childhood with periods of difficulty, or you may have had a hell of a time growing up.

Things might have seemed idyllic and you can’t quite work out how the person you are today doesn’t feel like it has anything to do with that childhood?

Low self esteem can be debilitating - really debilitating.  It can make life really hard – and quite frankly – life can be hard enough. 

I have met really brilliant professional people where low self esteem cripples them during meetings with senior colleagues or makes them doubt themselves and hesitate just at the crucial moment when they need to act decisively.

You may have had a weight problem as a kid, or been the victim of a playground bully or even had the unfortunate experience of having a parent with emotional problems or an addiction. More recently you may have suffered a massive shock or loss which has dented your self-worth. 

All these can create low self esteem lurking in a metaphorical cupboard somewhere – and you are never quite sure when that skeleton is going to trip you up.

How Hypnotherapy helps

Hypnotherapy is a very good 'first base' piece of work to do with low self esteem.

We begin by looking carefully at the past and at how those events may have contributed to the here and now.

My experience is in providing high-impact bursts of therapy that help contain any anxious or symptomatic effects of low self esteem. We will then move through key events that may be holding you back. In time you will begin to feel momentum and a positive, confident version of you can emerge.

If you have had a hell of a childhood (or a hell of an anything) I sometimes recommend that our work together is the beginning of your journey. When you have had time to adapt to the new changes you will be experiencing as a result of our work it may be useful to seek the help of a good psychologist or psychotherapist. I am able to provide these services as a practicing psychotherapist if you feel that's where you want to proceed.

Clinical Hypnotherapy is a powerful, safe and fast tool in the right hands. Look at How Hypnotherapy Works for a jargon free explanation of this process. 

*Please note that the time needed to work on a problem can vary significantly from person to person, these examples are provided to give you an idea of the efficacy of Hypnotherapy, but are not intended as an indication of what you might expect personally.

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