Trisha came for Therapy for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder...

'I can't tell you how much the session's with you have helped me! '

I can sit with my daughter and look into her face taking in every detail for as long as she will let me, without any interruption, there is nothing else going on in my brain!

Like the next thing I have to do or the thing I haven't done or some useless snippet of conversation, a song etc repeating over and over !! nothing else except her and me.

Never felt that before or can't remember it...I can go to the beach and actually hear the waves and fully take it all in without the constant distraction of the head noise.

I can watch tv/read a book, magazine for a long to me without struggling to concentrate because it is just happening...for a long time!

I'm actually watching/reading, paying attention and taking it all in! I can drive a car, walk around a wet pool deck etc without the intrusion of big bright images of the terrible things that could go wrong!

I just do things without the added "bonus" of unwanted commentary in my head!! Thank you very much again...

Trisha, Recent Mum & Author, Chiswick, London W4

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*Please note that the time needed to work on a problem can vary significantly from person to person, these examples are provided to give you an idea of the efficacy of Hypnotherapy, but are not intended as an indication of what you might expect personally.

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